School’s Motto: "Vidya Vichari Taan Paropkari"
which means that he is learned who does good to others

Physical & Health Education


Physical and Health Education finds an important place in our Education System. It contributes to the education of school boys and girls through
(i) The improvement of physical fitness
(ii) the development of motor skills
(iii) enhancement of social skills.
Girls Volly Ball
(iv) development of character and personality
(v) teaching of special skills for desirable leisure/time use.

Many activities can contribute to these objectives. Various activities have been introduced to achieve the above aims as per the skills and capabilities of children of various age groups.

For Primary Children

 Field for Junior Level
Swinging, skipping, dodging, running, chasing, rolling, climbing and games/sports like Swimming, Football, Cricket, Roller Skating, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis, Yoga.

The above games and a few more for Seniors e.g. Basket Ball, Judo and Chess.

However, Mass P.T. is compulsory for all.

Swimming pool

Swimming Pool
As our school is large in area we have international standard size swimming pool. It measurement is 50metres in length 21 meters in breadth, 3.5metres shallow depth 18metres deep 8 lanes in swimming pool. Water is cleaned at regular intervals. An international championship was also held in our school. There are four teachers, three for the boys and one for the girls. The swimming classes star from 3rd class to 8th class.

There are some events such as backstroke, butterfly, under water, and some other activates taught in our school by our teacher.

We have among the best swimming coach available in the state. Mr.S.S.Rathi, a National record holder in 50metre free style age group 45-49years and participated in Master world championship {California U.S.A} in 2006-2007. And many other students participated in Delhi state and other championships.

Art Education

Nagar Kirtan
Music Vocal, Music Instrumental, Dance, Tabla, Band, Fine Arts from Class III onwards.

List Of Games Captain

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